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Key3 Critical Illness

How will your customers manage financially if they are diagnosed with cancer, or suffer a heart attack or stroke?

Key3 Critical Illness Insurance and Key3 Critical Illness with Life Insurance is the solution.




Product features and extra-value benefits:

Key3 Critical Illness Insurance is offered in two versions - please see the product features for each option listed below.

Key3 Critical Illness Insurance
It pays a lump sum if your client is diagnosed with cancer, or suffers a heart attack or stroke.
Key3 Critical Illness with Life Insurance
It pays a lump sum if your client is diagnosed with cancer, suffers a heart attack or stroke or they die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness and have less than 12 months to live.

Both can be bought on a level, decreasing or increasing basis and include optional Waiver of Premium (WoP).

When using Key3 as personal protection, both options can be taken out by a single person, by a couple as joint life (first event), or on the life of another person(s).

When using Key3 as business protection, both options can be used for own life only.

All versions come with access to our Claims Support Fund which can provide additional help for the person covered or their family if your client has a potentially valid claim. It may pay up to £300 for services such as physiotherapy, counselling or even the cost of taking taxis to attend hospital appointments.

All versions provide access to the Best Doctors second opinion medical service which can be used by the policyholder(s) and their immediate family**. The insured person can also continue to use the Best Doctors service for three years after their claim has been paid.

Key3 Critical Illness with Life Insurance also includes access to the Winston’s Wish child’s bereavement service***.

Which type of clients would benefit most from Key3?

Personal Protection

Generation Rent

Some of your clients may be part of 'Generation Rent' who would still need to pay their rent and bills if they fell seriously ill and couldn’t work for a time.

'Self Service'

Some younger people prefer to be more ‘self service’ and may not want full face-to-face financial advice but still need some form of critical illness protection.

People aged 25-45 may find comprehensive critical illness insurance too complicated to understand or feel that they can’t afford it.

Business Protection

Not only can Key3 be used for personal protection, but there are also some circumstances where it is useful for business protection too.

Key3 Critical Illness Insurance can be used as a business protection payout to support shareholder / partner succession when a shareholder / partner dies, or is forced to retire from the business because of serious ill health. It can also be used for sole trader protection when self employed clients might intend to continue working no matter how sick they get, but should they be diagnosed with cancer or suffer a heart attack or a stroke, they might not have a choice.

To find out more about our Key3 Critical Illness Insurance or any other AIG Life insurance product call our Sales Team on 0345 600 6829, email or visit

*AIG Life claims statistics, 2015

**Best Doctors is a non-contractual benefit which can be withdrawn at any time without notice. Best Doctors is an independent service, it does not form part of our claims process and does not form part of the insurance policy.

*** Winston’s Wish is a non-contractual benefit i.e. it doesn’t form part of the insurance contract with us. If our partnership with them ends, we may no longer pay for services from Winston’s Wish.

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